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Sponsored Post: AARP Magazine’s Beauty and Style Digital Edition

Sponsored Post: AARP Magazine’s Beauty and Style Digital Edition
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For those of you who are AARP member, you get AARP Magazine with your membership. The magazine has just launched a Beauty and Style Digital edition and I was able to get a preview look at it.

There are many great articles to read but if you are a makeup and skin care product junky like I am, the article you will enjoy the most is 18 Ways to Get Glowing Skin. This article offers tips about skin care and makeup for all of us over 40 (well, over 50 in my case) women.

The skincare part of the article discusses how to remove brown spots and different products you can use for that, smoothing wrinkles (fill them or freeze them!) and how to deal with bags and dark circles under your eyes. It also talks about focusing on the upper eye. I’m sure we can relate to all these skin problems and the magazine offers really good solutions to them. It also recognizes that a few lines on your face can be sexy, and charming, contrary to the belief of our youth obsessed culture. I really liked reading that in a beauty magazine.

The makeup tips focused on how in your 50s and beyond, the goal is a luminous look with well defined eyes and lips. They offer 5 tips: letting go of old makeup habits, enhancing your eyebrows, focusing on the eyes, brightening your smile and de-aging your hands. With all of these tips they discussed products to use, lip and eye colors to wear, and how you need to adapt your style and makeup habits as you age.

The magazine is very interactive which is what I like. If you want eye shadow tips, you just click on the icon on the eye shadow to see them. If you want to let go of old makeup habits, you just tap on the illustration of an old habit to see the tip of what you should do to break that habit. It’s fun!

Check out the AARP Beauty and Style Digital Edition HERE

I like to read beauty magazines but I’ve noticed lately that I seem to have aged out of the beauty advice they give. It doesn’t relate to me or my look. With the AARP Beauty and Style digital edition, I felt that all the articles applied to me and women my age and the solutions and advice offered was relevant and helpful. It is easy to offer skincare and makeup advice to 20 year olds. After all, they don’t really need it! The magazine that can give skincare and makeup advice that works for women 50 and above is the one we should be looking at!

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