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Spring 2015 Fashion Trends for Grown Women

Top Spring Fashon Trends
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By Naakai Addy

It’s no secret that contemporary fashion is designed for emaciated 15-year-olds. For fashionistas over fifty, it can be frustrating trying to apply modern trends to the body and lifestyle of a fully-formed woman. That’s why we’ve put together a grown-up guide to this seasons’ trends. This is your real-world ticket to mastering some of the greatest looks from the red carpet and the runway.

Runway trends

Runways are meant to shock, inspire, and turn as many heads as possible. Very few of the looks are intended to be worn by actual adults, however, so it takes a bit of creativity to adapt them for real life. Here are some of this season’s most prevalent runway trends with tips on how to make them both fashionable and feasible for your own closet.

  1. Refreshed retro


The 70’s are back on the runway, but this time subtlety is key. The colors, cuts, and footwear of decades past are being revisited with a contemporary eye.

Photo 1 Retro Runway

(Photo credit: Vogue)

Real life:

The trick to modernizing this trend is to choose one or two elements from 70’s fashion rather than ten. If you don’t know where to start, remember that the wrap dress revolution Diane von Furstenburg started in ‘74 is still going strong. Choose a wrap in a beautiful bold color rather than a busy print. This Anthropologie number ( shows how the modern wrap dress can be casual, comfortable, and sophisticated.

Photo 2 Retro Real life

(Photo credit: Anthropologie)

  1. Going for gingham


Designers aren’t holding back when it comes to gingham this season. The newest iterations embrace color, varied sizes, and creative placement.

Photo 3 Gingham Runway

(Photo credit: Accessories Magazine)

Real life:

To make the trend less little-girl-ish, choose gingham accents rather than committing to an entire getup. This way, you’ll avoid any comparisons to Dorothy or a picnic blanket. This Crushed Gingham Cardigan by Marc Jacobs ( uses sparse placement of the fabric and a fine neutral print to make the look more wearable.

Photo 4 Gingham Real life

(Photo credit: Nordstrom)

  1. Denim for all


Gone (for now) is the disdain for head-to-toe denim. The runway has been a hotspot lately for all things jean, showing off both classic and avant-garde manipulations of the ubiquitous fabric.

Photo 5 Denim Runway

(Photo credit: Glamour)

Real life:

High fashion may be ready to love denim jumpsuits again, but that doesn’t mean everybody should hop right back on the nostalgic bandwagon. Still, the beauty of this trend is that it exposes the versatility of denim as a sophisticated fabric. Try out some chic denim detailing, as seen on this Victoria Beckham day dress ( It makes a simple shape seem modern while still age-appropriate.

Photo 6 Denim Real life

(Photo credit: My Theresa)

Red carpet trends

Awards season is a wonderful chance to see up-and-coming trends on some of the world’s most glamorous people. You may covet the looks they pull off, but figuring out how to emulate them without a 10-person style team can be somewhat of a challenge. Feeling like a star is within your reach, however, if you make a few tweaks to these recent red carpet looks.

  1. Not-so-mellow yellow


For some people, yellow is rarely  a desired color due to its propensity to wash out the skin. Stars such as Naomi Watts are loving this shade, however, and they aren’t trying to dull its shine in the least bit.

Photo 7 Yellow Red carpet

(Photo credit: Today Show)

Real life:

Though canary yellow is on-trend this season, make sure to experiment with the precise shade that complements your skin tone. Cheer up your winter wardrobe by substituting your neutral blouses for a yellow one. Romwe makes this lovely flowing blouse (  that’s perfect to pair with a basic black skirt, trousers, or even a classic blazer. Pop a plain camisole on underneath for added modesty.

Photo 8 Yellow Real life

(Photo credit: Polyvore)

  1. Greek goddess

Red carpet:

The natural timelessness of the goddess gown means that it never really goes out of style. Emily Blunt and Julia Louise-Dreyfus were among the several actresses who looked radiant in the trend at this year’s Golden Globes.

Photo 9 Goddess Red carpet

(Photo credit: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Real life:

Goddess gowns are beautiful and ethereal, but they can be over-the-top if you’re not careful.  For a formal occasion, keep the length of the red carpet gown but make sure there’s enough structure that the toga concept doesn’t become too literal. This XScape Embellished Jersey Dress ( , is a comfortable, contemporary, figure-flattering take on the style.

Photo 10 Goddess Real life

  1. Take the plunge

Red carpet:

Like the goddess gown, the plunging neckline is usually in style on the red carpet (though for very different reasons). Jennifer Aniston kept the trend current this awards season by going for a bold tailored look in a plunging red blazer.

Photo 11 Plunge Red carpet

Real life:

This look is not only a big risk, but for many would require a gravitational miracle. Consider an equally sexy but less frightening alternative: show off your back. This creates the illusion of tantalizing skin without any inappropriate cleavage. The demure boatneck front and gorgeous drape back of this Chetta B dress ( add a touch of sensuality to an otherwise classic cocktail dress.

Photo 12 Plunge Real life

(Photo credit: SaksOff5th)

Whichever trends you choose to adapt for your closet, remember to have fun. Enjoying the latest fashions over fifty is not only possible, but can be immensely enjoyable. Happy shopping!


Bio:  Naakai Addy is a freelance writer focused on fashion, food, and lifestyle topics. Originally from California, she is now based in New York City.





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