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Spring Fashion with Christian

Spring Fashion with Christian
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Spring is almost here so I recently sat down with Fiftyisthenewfifty’s fashion guy, Christian Freedom to find out what to wear this season!

Beth: So Christian, what are the trends for spring and summer this year?

Christian: This spring I don’t feel that there is a real overwhelming trend.  The way I would describe it is modern dressing.  Modern classic pieces that you can wear several ways; sort of like in the magazines where they show one dress that you can wear 10 different ways.  People are getting back to basics and the mood is modern, interesting pieces and pops of color.

Beth: Anything specific?

Christian: I guess the biggest trend (if you want to call it that) is black and white.  Black and white is really big; it was on every runway and also in accessories.  Alexander Wang’s runway show was all about black and white.  Givenchy and Balenciaga did black and white and Lanvin did it also.  I’ve seen it in a lot of different ways like white top and black bottom (or vice versa), stripes (vertical and horizontal), black and white print, and graphics.  Along with this, tuxedo looks were big.  Lanvin collection was really about rediscovering the tuxedo, making it bold and reshaping it.  Then creating a look based on the tuxedo.  Tuxedo looks were very strong especially for evening. You are going to see a lot of women wearing these looks.  In the St. Laurent collection by their new designer Hedi Slimane, it was very much about the smoking jacket look, creating tuxedos that turn into dresses; also a lot of tuxedo inspired jumpsuits this year.  Along with St. Laurent, Stella McCartney did a lot of jumpsuits.  In addition to black and white, there was also a major thing with white.  White outfits and white suits were very strong.  Narciso Rodriguez did great separates in white.   White narrow pants and loose fitting jackets that were menswear inspired.  The Row did a lot of white pieces.  Jil Sander did beautiful white separates in skirts and tops.

B: I’ve seen a lot of stripes out there.  Is this a big trend?

C: Yes, stripes are everywhere.  A good portion of Marc Jacob’s collection was stripes.  Lanvin also had a lot of stripes.  Dolce and Gabbana even did stripes.  Graphic stripes, wide stripes, narrow stripes, stripe details like striped sleeves, striped skirts.  They are really strong.  Also along that line were graphic patterns.  Grid patterns, cage patterns, trellis patterns.  These graphic patterns are happening a lot with black and white.

B: What other unique things are happening for the spring?

C: Prints, exotic skins, and collaging different kinds of textures and patterns.  Proenza Schouler did that with different kinds of leather.  Fendi’s collection was about collage.  This is placing patterns and placing colors in different ways; mixing patterns and textures within the same garment.  It’s done in a graphic artist kind of way.  It’s a more architectural placement of color, skins and fabrics.  Derek Lam, Proenza Schouler and Philip Lim all did this.

Layering is big also.  Ann Demeulemeester showed lots of layers. Chloe also did lots of layering with jackets and soft sweaters and coats. Rag and Bone, one of those great New York teams, had kind of a menswear feeling with jackets, narrow pants, and blouses   This season, as opposed to others, was not just about dresses; layers and separates are coming back which I think will also go forward into fall.  It is okay for things to be different lengths and layers over other things.  This is great especially if you are two different sizes on your bottom and top. You can find clothes for your specific silhouette.

B: What are the big colors for the season?

C: Shades of blue…ocean blue, aqua, turquoise and blue-green.  Jessica Chastain did a seafoam dress at the Golden Globes.  This is a big trend. Nina Ricci did some beautiful tops in these colors and Maria Cornejo also had a lot of blue in her collection. Also I would say colors that were very soft, pale and a little washed out.  Pale blues, greens and pinks.  Erdem’s collection for the fall is all about that.  It is fresh and youthful and has a vintage feeling.  Pale colors in lace also.  Givenchy showed very pale soft colors but then mixed it with a black and white shoe or accessory.

B: It’s always fun to get dressed up.  How about evening wear?

C: A trend for evening is a romantic sensual and soft feeling.  Haider Ackerman did that.  Dries Van Noten did evening ensembles that were inspired by dressing gowns.  It’s a kind of soft romantic look for the evening as opposed to the black and white look for day. Ruffles are back.  To me they never went away, but ruffles are strong again as a flourish that kind of punctuates things.  Dries Van Noten did a skirt with ruffles.  Givenchy showed a lot of dresses with a ruffle detail.  Commes des Garcons went into their archives to create a lot of pieces that had ruffle details.  Isabel Marant had off the shoulder ruffle blouses.  All this is playing into the more feminine softer fashions for evening.

B: Anything else?

C: Yes there is a lot of sheer, transparency, and sexy play with organza and chiffon….layers of chiffon  Cedric Charlier, a new up and coming designer did a dress with layers of sheer transparency which was another way of doing soft romantic for evening.  Prabal Gurung, who just did a collection for Target that I think looked amazing, also showed soft romantic dresses and they looked great.  They had billowy sleeves.  This year it’s not so much about being revealing but just revealing parts of the body like the arm, the neckline, or the shoulder with sheer fabric.  This looks good especially when you have some areas you would like to cover.  Maiyet did a play of transparency in blouses and tops.  You can always put a tank or bustier underneath.

C: To sum up the season, it’s really about finding your own style and wearing what looks best on you.  It isn’t like past years where all designers were doing different things so you had to make a decision on what you were going to be and how you were going to look.  This year, I think the designers making an impact are creating modern, classic pieces; things that people are going to want to keep in their wardrobe.  With the recession, people aren’t buying as many dresses; even people who have unlimited funds and have a lot of means and accessibility to fashion. People want something they really look good and feel comfortable in which they will wear often.  They also want things that photograph well because wherever you go, it could wind up on Facebook or some fashion website!

Thanks Christian!

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