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Style Icons Over 50

Style Icons Over 50
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Fashion blogs and magazines obsess over the style of young celebrities and starlets, but there is no shortage of public figures in middle age and up with exceptional style. If you’re looking for style inspiration but aren’t sure where to find it, here are eight of the most stylish public icons over fifty, for every type of fashionista.

Shirley Bassey (Age 79)


If you’ve seen any of Dame Shirley Bassey’s performances, you know that glamour lives in her every pore. The divinely talented singer’s sense of style exemplifies all things feminine and luxurious, and it proves that aging needn’t be a deterrent to fabulousness. She is living proof that women can be sexy and magnetic at any age, and that you’re never too old for a feather boa.

Tilda Swinton (Age 55)

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

In her film roles, Tilda Swinton is a chameleon–a true character actress who transforms every single time. In real life, she is known for her androgynous and daring style. This stylistic boldness never fails to make a mark on red carpets. Swinton is a magnificent role model for mature people who like to take risks with their fashion choices. As her many memorable outfits demonstrate, there is no one “right” way to dress up. Angles and atypical silhouettes can be every bit as formal and flattering as traditional red carpet styles.

Michelle Obama (Age 52)

Michelle Obama

The First Lady has broken the mold when it comes to White House-appropriate style, and we can only hope that her legacy lasts for all future first-spouses to enjoy. Although there have certainly been women in her role who’ve left a fashion imprint in the past, Mrs. Obama’s modern sophistication and confident sensuality are something of a revelation. Her outfits are never revealing, but she doesn’t obscure her fit figure. Furthermore, every outfit tells its own story through bold colors, sleek lines and fashion-forward detailing.

Eccentric style: Bjork (Age 50)


Bjork’s most widely publicized fashion moment may have been the (in)famous swan dress, but this Icelandic beauty and musical genius has always been adventurous with her personal style. In music videos, onstage and in public appearances, she embraces layered fabrics and complex inspirations to create looks that seem to have a life of their own. Bjork’s style is much-needed validation for mature women with a fierce creative streak, or anyone who feels the slightest trepidation about exploring the avant-garde in their second act.

Rita Moreno (Age 81)

HEART TRUTH NY FW08 01-31-08

HEART TRUTH NY FW08 01-31-08

Actress and EGOT winner Rita Moreno is still winning the fashion game as an octogenarian. Her style is fresh, sexy and modern, with fitted silhouettes that suit her petite frame. Even the way she styles her short, grey hair enhances her vibrant image and personality. Moreno has truly mastered the concept of style that looks effortless, but has benefited from decades of well-earned experience. She knows what works for her and she wears it with confidence.

Gloria Steinem (Age 81)

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is understandably better known for her history-changing activism, but the 81-year-old has an undeniably chic sense of style as well. Sticking to neutral or muted tones and streamlined silhouettes, she exudes casual confidence with every appearance. Steinem is the perfect style icon for mature women who don’t want to spend hours fussing with their makeup and wardrobe, but still want to look sexy and feminine.

Alan Cumming (Age 51)

Alan Cumming

Men aren’t usually thought of as style icons, but menswear is a lot more difficult to master than it may seem. Even more difficult is to have fun with what can feel like a restrictive set of style guidelines, and Alan Cumming has more than managed. The actor seems to embrace all of the possibilities that fashion presents, never shying away from eccentric prints or bold colors. Men’s fashion is only getting broader and more exciting as time goes on; Cumming’s example highlights that being over fifty in 2016 is the perfect opportunity to try to new things.

Helen Mirren (Age 70)

Helen Mirren

The actress known for her many regal roles has also earned a reputation as a second-act style icon with endless sex appeal. Helen Mirren often celebrates her curves with fitted waistlines, and she isn’t afraid of a low neckline every now and then. Her style presents a lovely take on classic Hollywood glamour without appearing dated or desperate. Most importantly, her poise and confidence make her a living example of the phrase “Wear the clothes; don’t let the clothes wear you.”





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