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Summer Fashion Trends for Over 50s

Summer Fashion Trends for Over 50s
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Ideally, summer is the season for free spirits, sun-kissed skin and relaxation. When it comes to your wardrobe, however, this time of year can be rather more complicated. You may feel the need to cover up more than you used to, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool, or your sex appeal. It just so happens that plenty of elegant, effortless styles are on-trend this season.

The three-quarter-sleeved shirt dress

Though summer fashion usually brings to mind tank tops and other arm-baring garments, the idea that you can only stay cool by exposing most of your skin to the sun is actually a myth. A constricting long sleeve would certainly be a recipe for excessive sweat, but a loose sleeve in a breathable fabric can be just what the doctor ordered in the hot sun.

Ann Taylor Palm Shirtdess

Ann Taylor Palm Shirtdess

Shirt dresses are making a strong comeback this season, and they are perfect for day-to-night wear. These timeless pieces provide coverage without obscuring the body’s shape. Choose a shirtdress with natural draping and a cloth belt for maximum comfort–and to conceal any minor belly expansions that many occur after those summer barbecues.

Cover-up jumpsuit or romper

Going to the beach gives a lot of women anxiety, and the pressure to look trim in very little clothing can get more aggressive as women age. Lifestyle website Refinery 29 launched a “Take Back the Beach” campaign this year to encourage women to reclaim their sense of comfort at the beach, rather than succumbing to those unhealthy pressures. (

VIX Swimwear/Krishna Sula Jumpsuit

VIX Swimwear/Krishna Sula Jumpsuit

If you want to take back the beach this year, rest assured that there are a myriad of ways to be comfortable and chic in and out of the water. The jumpsuit trend has infiltrated beachwear, which is fantastic news for anyone looking for a new take on the cover-up.

There are plenty of varieties of cover-up jumpsuits available, from shorter rompers with long-sleeves to full-length jumpsuits with no backs. Instead of looking as though you’re hiding your figure (or your swimsuit), cover-up jumpsuits simply make you look fabulous.

Wide-leg trousers.

When it’s hot out, fitted jeans can become suffocating. There’s no doubt that a comfortable pair of trousers is an essential summer staple, but try out a different silhouette to stay cool this summer.

Banana Republic Wide-Leg Pants

Banana Republic Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg trousers with a defined waist can elevate your casual wardrobe in a big way. The popularity of this style has ensured its availability in a full range of fabrics, from linen, to silk, to lightweight jean.

Sun-protective clothing

The importance of sun protection can’t be stressed enough, and as we age we have to be especially cautious about sun exposure. In addition to a strong sunscreen, sun-protective clothing is an option well-worth exploring.

Lucille Mott50

Lucille – Mott50

Although in the past these garments have been mostly functional, emerging brands are putting the style into sun protection. Brands like Mott50 have tops, bottoms, dresses and swimwear with built-in sun protection. Sun-protective clothing is a great supplementary option for those with very sensitive skin, or anyone who has suffered from skin damage in the past.

Good Supportive Shoes

Summer is the time to set your feet free, but unfortunately many sandals are rubbish for actual walking. In case you plan to move around and need the support of a good shoe, but you’d like to be able to kick off your sandals and stick your feet in the sand at any time, it’s time to visit your nearest Clarks.

Clarks Hazelle Amore Nude Leather Sandal

Clarks Hazelle Amore Nude Leather Sandal

Clarks is one of the very best at combining exceptional, durable support with timeless style. A low, nude wedge that you can actually stand or walk in all day is a must-have in your summer wardrobe.

The most important fashion rule in the summer (besides staying hydrated and protecting your skin) is to enjoy yourself. This is the season to loosen up and let go. Whatever you choose to wear, remember that true style has no age, and that summer fun is yours for the taking.

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