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Ten Unusual Uses for Vodka

Ten Unusual Uses for Vodka
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The preferred drink of James Bond is a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Vodka is made from grain, potatoes and more exotic ingredients including grapes, rice, sugar beets and soybeans. The dominant spirit throughout Eastern Europe, vodka is now the most consumed alcohol in the U.S, largely due to clever advertising that capitalized on vodka’s supposed lack of smell and taste.

What many people don’t know is that vodka has a great many uses far beyond the bar. Here are ten:

Preserve fresh flowers

Snip off an inch of each stem, fill your vase and add a few drops of vodka as well as with one teaspoon sugar. Change the water daily, adding the vodka and sugar each time.

Remove a sticky mess

Soak a clean cloth in vodka and remove the glue left behind by price labels,” advises Bonnie Dewkett CPO, www.thejoyfulorganizer.com . You may need to rub sticky areas a few times to get all the gunk off, she adds. 

Get rid of mold and mildew

Mold is unattractive, spreads and can give indoor air a decidedly unpleasant quality.  To banish mold, fill an old spray bottle with an inexpensive brand of vodka and spray. It’s effective and kinder to the environment than chemical sprays.

Coddle a tooth

If a tooth acts up, make an appointment with your dentist. Meanwhile, swish a little vodka over the area to both disinfect it and numb some of the pain. Be aware despite the “vodka leaves you breathless” hype, you may be accused of having knocked back a drink or two.

Invigorate your hair

Add an ounce of vodka to your bottle of shampoo and wash hair in your usual manner.  Vodka helps break down the oil buildup that clings to hair and can also help with the frizzies. Put a shot in a twelve-ounce bottle of conditioner, shake well and apply a few times a month. Warning: don’t try this if your hair is color-treated.

Shine your baubles (and parts of your home)

Soak jewelry (but never pearls) with vodka for five to ten minutes, suggests Dewkett. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.  Instead of a multiple house cleaners, you can substitute vodka when cleaning chrome, glass and porcelain. Dampen a cloth with the spirit and rub to bring out the shine.

Freshen a room

Spray vodka as you would air freshener. If you have carpet that’s been stained by a pet, try a little spritz of vodka on it, first making sure to color-test it on a hidden area..

DIY dry cleaner

If put-away clothes have a funky scent, spray a little vodka on them and hang in a well-ventilated area. The alcohol neutralizes the odor-causing bacteria on clothes.

Kill weeds

Mix one part vodka to three parts water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Spray the mix directly on the weeds.

Clean hair and pet brushes

Soak n vodka mixed with a little water. Since vodka is alcohol, it kills germs.

Mari S. Gold is a freelance writer who works for many magazines and websites. Much of her work deals with health, food, travel and relationships. Her food and travel blog, But I Digress… is at www.marigoldonline.net  She divides her time between New York City and Southern Vermont with her bi-state cats.



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