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The Fastest Way to Attract a Good Man into Your Life after 50!

The Fastest Way to Attract a Good Man into Your Life after 50!
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When you look in the mirror, do you see your magnificence, or does every flaw pop out and drive you crazy?

Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds over the years or gravity and wrinkles have taken their toll leaving you with the feeling you’re not good enough to be a player in the dating game. You even start believing thoughts like no good man would want you this way which leads to you quitting and giving up on your dreams of finding love at this time in your life.

How do you overcome this mindset so you can start attracting good men?

Well it starts by making a list of 10-20 qualities YOU love about you because, guess what men are most attracted to in women?

Your Confidence!  That’s right!

Your confidence starts by firing up your Inner Glow. You can do this by reading your list out loud to yourself every day.

I used to do it while putting on my makeup.

I found this was a powerful exercise for rebuilding my confidence at a time when it was at its lowest.

But, let’s face it, we are overly critical of ourselves so we look in the mirror and start thinking thoughts like…”My butt looks too big in these pants” or “I have wrinkles on my face, who will want me this way?”

Here’s a big tip…men don’t pick apart all the parts and pieces of you like you do.

When a man likes you, he likes all of you and accepts you just as you are.

This is huge and something most women don’t realize. And that’s why it’s important to start turning this negative self-talk around.

You ultimately want to be focusing on the good parts of you.

And the way to do this is by playing a game called the ‘3 to 1 game’. It goes like this….

When you have a negative thought about yourself, grab your list, look in the mirror and share with that beautiful woman you see, 3 positive thoughts.

The ‘3 to 1 game’ is the easiest way to quickly overcome the habit of self-criticism. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to see you really are pretty cool…something you can easily forget when no one is reminding you on a daily basis. By the way, when you feel confident, you will be in the right mindset for attracting the right men to date.

One last thing.

Make a commitment to stop comparing yourself to the woman you were at 20. A man has no way of knowing what you looked like back then. When he asks you out, it’s because he is attracted to you at the age you are today.

You are beautiful as a woman over 50!

Here’s what my private client, Flora told me after we worked on her Inner Glow together…

Getting back into the dating game after 60 was scary for me. Even though I’ve enjoyed success in every other aspect of my life, dating at this age felt like wanting to take a trip but not knowing where to start and what to do when I got there. Lisa is like a compass, a guide and a tour director all in one. Her step-by-step guidance gave me the courage to step out, reconnect with my feminine side and learn how to speak the language of loving relationships again. Most of all, Lisa helped me avoid mistakes that had doomed past relationships. As soon as I began taking her advice I got immediate feedback from men that told me I had regained my Inner Glow.

Now it’s your turn to feel this way.

Make your list of qualities. Start loving you exactly how you are.

And if you need help reach out and let’s talk about how coaching can help you find love after 50.


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