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The Quest for the Ultimate Skincare

The Quest for the Ultimate Skincare
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By Mary Cowser

I have always had a strict skincare regimen, which is most likely due to my Mother’s example. As far back as I remember, I can picture my Mom putting Oil of Olay on her face every day and night without fail. As a result, I thought it was something everyone was supposed to do and I began moisturizing my face as a teenager.

I was fortunate to have skin that endured the effects of time into my 50s. I believe it is because of the care I gave my skin starting at an early age. Unfortunately, I discovered one day that time had begun to take its toll on my skin when I was not looking.

Something made me smile while looking into a mirror, which caused dreadful lines to suddenly appear around my eyes. I suppose we do not typically smile at ourselves while looking in the mirror, so that image of myself was quite shocking. I hesitantly looked at my profile and was horrified to see the onset of a double chin as well. When did it happen and how could I have not seen it before? It was as though this horrible transformation had somehow happened overnight!

In the beginning, I took my Mom’s lead and used Oil of Olay. It seemed to work well, so I stayed with it for a number of years. However, after I made that horrendous discovery, I knew I needed a drastic change. That’s when my quest for the ultimate skincare began.

The Search

I started my search by making the rounds at the department store beauty counters. The sales representatives convinced me that their product would restore my skin to its original youthful radiance. Of course, I wound up trying most of them.

I was determined that price would not be a deterrent. I vowed that if I found the one that fixed my face, I would find the money to pay for it. The department store prices ranged from reasonable to outrageous. In the end, I personally did not find one that was any better than the others regardless of the cost. The ultimate product for me was not there.

One discovery I made during my pursuit is that an expensive product does not necessarily mean a better product. Another lesson I learned was that one moisturizer does not fit all. We all have different skin types such as dry, oily, normal, and combination skin. Some of us have to take acne or sensitive skin into consideration. Therefore, it would be impossible to name the best skincare product for you.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are some general ingredients to look for when shopping for moisturizers.

  • Normal skin – Look for a water-based product that has silicone-derived ingredients and lightweight oils
  • Oily Skin – Oily skin is also prone to acne, but still needs light moisturizing. Therefore, use a water-based product that has non-comedogenic in the ingredients. This means that it will not clog pores.
  • Dry skin – Choose an oil-based product with a petrolatum-base.
  • Sensitive skin – Sensitive skin products should not contain acids, dyes or fragrances. Instead, look for ingredients such as aloe and chamomile, which are soothing.
  • Mature skin – Skin loses moisture as we age, therefore it needs an oil-based product with petrolatum.  For the reduction of lines, look for ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids and antioxidants.

Also, keep in mind that hormonal changes from pregnancy and menopause, in addition to environmental changes, cause changes to your skin. It may be necessary to adjust your product when this occurs.

Of course, the proof will come with trying the product; however, by using these general guidelines, you could possibly avoid wasting money on products that do not give you results.

Save Money, Try before you Buy

Those department store beauty counters will typically give you a free facial, so ask for one before purchasing anything.  Be wary of sales representatives if they point out how your fine lines magically and instantly disappear when they apply their moisturizer to your face.

A moisturizer softens the skin, which in turn softens the lines and makes them appear to disappear. Almost all moisturizers do the same and the disappearing lines are generally very short lived. Therefore, ask for samples of the products that you can take with you and use for a few days afterward. The way your skin looks a couple of days or weeks later is the real proof.

Another great way to try it first is to ask if they have a travel size. The small size is less expensive so you can try the product before spending a substantial amount of money.

My favorite way to save money is to check Amazon and eBay. Many times, you can find samples, which are incredibly inexpensive. Then, after finding the product that works for you, buy full sizes of the product there as well for much less than buying it elsewhere.

As for me, I recently found products by Mary Kay that are the best skincare I have ever used. I have seen significant changes in less than two weeks.

The dark circles and bags under my eyes have virtually disappeared. Furthermore, the laugh lines from my nose to my mouth are scarcely visible. To top it off, I see a noticeable change in the uniformity of my skin tone and the reduction of my pores. Besides the improvement in my skin, the price was excellent through eBay. As you may have guessed, I am a happy girl.

My best advice is to start your search with the basic ingredient guidelines for your skin type. Most importantly, the proof is in the results. If it makes you smile when you look in the mirror, then it’s probably the ultimate skincare for you.

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