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The 10 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends

The 10 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends
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By Christian Freedom

This fall will be remembered for new color combinations more than major silhouette changes or look shifts.  The fall is all about crisp, grown up and tailored items that look finished and refined. The season is very separates driven; lots of skirts with sweaters, blouses, or blazers.  Some of the biggest trends for fall are:

1)    Black and White: It’s a trend that is continuing from the spring and it still looks fresh.  Mixing black and white prints with a solid, like a white jacket with a print or graphic designed skirt looks good; so does mixing something black and white with a color or a neutral color accessory.   For example a black jacket with a white pant or skirt with a taupe bag or shoe.  I have also been seeing black and white mixed in fur.  Marni did that…putting half of the fur color in black and the other half in white.  Black and white is sort of a neutral in a way.

2)   Anything but Black: Chocolate brown, tobacco, emerald green and olive, wine, salmon and apricot are the major colors of the season.  Belstaff did a beautiful suit in chocolate brown. To jazz it up a little you can pair it with a pink or blue shoe…bright colors. You could pair something in tobacco with aqua or pink.  Mixing brown and black, which had been kind of a no no, is looking good right now.  It was shown in handbags, where the handle is brown and the rest of the pocketbook is black, or in a brown coat with a black lapel.  Givenchy did a great cape in tobacco; the whole rest of the outfit was in different colors.  Wine was another big color and I’ve seen garments that mix wine and rust, a sort of deserty color.  You can also mix wine with neutrals like a Burgundy color dress mixed with a taupe or tan shoe.   Definitely rust, burgundy, wine mixed together. Greens are also strong.  It was a strong color in the spring but for fall it is more like emerald green or olive; sometimes even mixing them.  Using Olive as the neutral and mixing it with emerald even in the same garment like a sweater.  Phillip Lim did a lot of shades of green and so did Erdem.  Celine did a lot of olives or dark greens.  I think olive is one of those colors like gray that works for everyone.  It is a great neutral and good alternative to black and brown.  Another big color combination is salmon, apricot, and darker rose shades.  Those are great colors.  Not so much doing it head to toe but mixing it back to neutrals like black or charcoal.  Nina Ricci did a really beautiful outfit in a rose.  Balenciaga did accessories in those colors.

3)   Animal prints: They are still happening but a little bit more abstracted.  Leopard that is a little faded or darker.  It is not sex kitten animal print.  Lanvin did a head to toe animal print which is a bit much for people, but a trench in animal print or something that is darker or subtle looks good.  If I was going to buy something in animal print I would buy something shaded or darker that you could just throw over something black.  An animal print blouse with a pair of jeans looks great or a leopard trench over a dress.  SEA did a really cool outerwear piece in leopard.  Fendi also did animal print; Christopher Kane and Givenchy too.

4)   Leather: It is definitely still in but in colors as opposed to black.  Merlot, tobacco, charcoal, and dark brown are all colors that I’ve seen a lot of leather garments in.  It isn’t a black leather look now except for black leather leggings.  I’ve also been seeing leather that is embossed so it has a feeling of texture and garments where the look is quilted.

5)   Volume:  It is big this season.  A lot of oversized sweaters, coats, and capes paired with skinny pants or leather leggings.  Designers who are doing some oversized pieces are Kenzo, and The Row.  Stella McCartney and Prada also had a series of oversized coats.

6)   Plaids and Herringbone: The use of this fabric goes along with the menswear trend.  Designers used this type of fabric that is in a lot of men’s suits but put it in garments with a more feminine shape. Thakoon used that sort of tweed, herringbone fabric but cut it for a feminine look. People are more interested in the fabric now…what things are made of and where the fabric is from. They aren’t buying as much so they are investing in quality and building their wardrobe with classic fabrics and garments that are well made.

7)   Pleating: This is actually a big trend.  I’ve seen pleated skirts in leather and other kinds of fabric with pleating details.  Phillip Lim and Chloe both showed items with pleating as a detail or flourish.  It is a great way to infuse your wardrobe with a little femininity.  Pleating is the new peplum and it is flattering to most figures.  A skirt with pleating or a top that has some pleating can also be a great way to mask certain parts of the body you want to hide.

8)   Duffle Shaped bags and Envelop Clutches.  The duffle shape is almost like a little bit of a doctor bag.  Proenza Schouler did a really cool envelope style bag.  It was a clutch inside of a bigger bag.  Celine is still raining as the bag designer.  Celine and Chanel bags are bags you buy as investments.

9)   Menswear: Designers took the men’s tailored suit idea but gave it a feminine look.  Theory’s collection had inspiration from men’s tailoring but gave it a feminine twist in coats.  The girls are borrowing from the boys and vice versa.  You are seeing collections from different houses where the men’s and women’s collections kind of relate to each other.  The menswear trend also manifested itself in shoes.  There are a lot of oxford type shoes out now for women.  Prada has done a lot of them and even Manolo Blahnik designed an oxford shoe.

10) Pony skin accessories This is a big trend in shoes and bags this year.

As you can see there are a lot of trends to choose from this fall so pick the ones that look the best on you.  Happy Shopping!

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