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What's Bugging Me

What's Bugging Me
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By Beth Portolese

I was watching the Today show this morning and they had a lengthy segment about the Twitter war between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. If you don’t know them, Nicki is a rich singer with a very voluptuous booty and Taylor is a rich singer who is very thin; the exchange started with a references to this. The Twitter war played out like some catfight between two high school girls. I mention this only because: Why was it on the Today show? All of these young stars who are in the news all the time are having fights on Twitter and complaining about one stealing another ones boyfriend and it reminds me so much of my high school days (except I didn’t have a boyfriend). Why in any universe is this newsworthy? Talk about the dumbing down of the news these days.

While we are talking about pop culture, have you seen the singer Rihanna’s new video?  Let me just say that I love RiRi (as her peeps call her).  She is so stylish (or at least her stylist is), always wears the latest fashions and can actually carry them off.  It must be fun to be her….but her latest video is disturbingly violent.  I know I’m sounding like an old person now, but I don’t get what the entertainment value of this is.  I’ll describe it a little so you don’t have to go on Youtube and watch it.  RiRi kidnaps a woman, has her stripped naked and tortures her, all to get back at an accountant who stole her money.  Apparently this actually happened to Rihanna so let’s hope this video is not a re-enactment.  Anyway, the last scene is Rihanna sitting naked in a crate full of money with blood spattered all over her.  America, this is what your children are watching for entertainment.  It’s no wonder kids seems desensitized to violence.  When I was young I was a little desensitized to anvils being dropped on coyotes heads as a result of roadrunner cartoons but this is different….much.

Ok, how about Donald Trump’s campaign? I just sit and watch him on TV every day transfixed at what comes out of his mouth! It’s like he has gone off the deep end and figures what the hell, I’m rich and I can say anything I want. The other day he gave out Lindsey Graham’s personal phone number and said that Rick Perry thinks that if he puts on glasses people will think he is smart. I have to say the comment about Rick Perry was pretty funny since I’ve been thinking the same thing since I started to see him on TV again. It’s totally crazy though. I almost wonder if the Democrats are paying him to run so he can say all these awful things about his fellow Republican candidates. I also wonder what he will do if he wins the election. Will the White House become the ‘Trump White House’? What has not been so funny was seeing the crowd of people at one of his rally’s in Arizona. They were clashing with protestors who were pro-immigration and it was really sickening to hear what was being said. This really is not what our country is supposed to be all about. Trump is bringing out the worst in his supporters. John McCain was right….he is bringing out the crazies.

Well now that Caitlyn Jenner is all over the place, I find it interesting that every time she steps out of her house, people are commenting on her fashion choices. Usually the media pays no attention to women over the age of 60 (we become invisible around the 55 mark) but apparently Caitlyn is different. Isn’t it just like a man who transitions to a woman to hog all the attention! One newspaper was commenting on her long legs in her mini-skirt (note to Caitlin: mini-skirt over age 60 is probably a fashion don’t unless you are Christie Brinkley) and another on her cleavage.   She gave a pretty good speech at the ESPY awards but this was overshadowed by the critiques of the dress she wore. Something about all this is bothering me even though I was a diehard watcher of The Fashion Police. Is this all being a woman is? Fashion choices and cleavage? Really? Actually now that I think about it, that is probably what the media thinks. Hence all the comments about Hilary Clinton’s pantsuits during the last presidential race.

Until next time.

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