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What's Bugging Me

What's Bugging Me
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Well this time let me start off with something that did not bug me. I had a birthday last week and many of my friends came out with me for drinks at a rooftop bar in Manhattan. I turned 58 (however, if you look on any of my dating profiles, I might be a bit younger) and they made my birthday great. Unlike some people I know, I love birthdays! My mother always made it a special day for us. We got to invite 2 friends to come and have dinner with our family at the 284 Club, my uncle’s restaurant, and we got to pick the color of the frosting of the Betty Crocker sheet cake she made. It was pretty simple. Now when I see all the over the top birthday celebrations that kids have these days, I can’t help but think simpler was probably much better.

Well, well, well…Josh Duggar (the oldest kid on the TV show “19 Kids and Counting’) had an account on Ashley Madison, the dating website for people who are already married! Josh was a family values activist before having to quit his job when it came out that he had molested his sisters when he was a teen. I have to say, this story just keeps getting better. I just love it when people who try to tell other people how to live their lives get exposed for being the hypocrites some of them are. Josh has had a bad few months, but if you think about it, his wife Anna has had an even worse few months! First she had to ‘forgive him’ when she found out (before they were married), that he had molested not one but 4 of his sisters and now she is going to have to ‘forgive him’ for looking at porn and cheating on her! Hmm call me crazy, but I just wouldn’t have that much forgiveness in me. Then again, I’m not as close to the Lord as the Duggar family is so maybe that is the difference. I know one thing…being a woman in this family doesn’t seem to be a very good deal.

And while we are at it, how about Jared from Subway? OMG child porn? Disgusting! I thought he was just a nerdy looking guy who lost hundreds of pounds eating Subway sandwiches for 2 years (Yuk!). Actually, he made 15 million dollars representing Subway all the while having sex with underage girls while on ‘business’ trips. Again, his wife seems to have been the last to know. At least she, along with Subway, has severed all ties with him. Smart move. Anna…maybe you should give her a call for some advice.

Well don’t politicians say the ‘darndest’ things? The other day, Jeb Bush (who strangely doesn’t have a southern accent like his brother) actually had the nerve to blame all of the problems in the Middle East on Obama! Can you believe this guy?? Does he think we all have amnesia and have just forgotten that his brother invaded Iraq for bogus reasons destabilizing the whole country? Does he think we forgot all about Dubya and that dark knight Dick Cheney? He probably would like to, but hopefully the voters won’t let him.

I hate to admit this but I am addicted to the channel ID Discovery. All sorts of murders have happened in this country and if it wasn’t for this station, we wouldn’t know about half of them! We also wouldn’t know that southern police officers pronounce the word vehicle as ve-HIC-le. Anyway, Chris Hansen has joined the ID Discovery team. You remember Chris. He used to be on Dateline doing all those To Catch a Predator shows where he had someone pretend to be a 13 year old girl or boy online to get older men to come and meet them. His contract at NBC was not renewed after he had an extramarital affair that made news. At least it wasn’t with a 13 year old. I just can’t wait to see what he comes up with for ID Discovery.

Is it me or has the language on some cable shows gotten a little foul. Now let me just say that I am not a saint when it comes to swearing; however, people on these TV reality shows seem to go out of their way to say the F word. Case in point, the show “Tardy for the Party’ on Bravo. I was watching a marathon of the show last Sunday (yes I’m pathetic) and every other word that came out of the stars mouth was F**k. It sounded so low class…but no one ever said people on reality shows had class so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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