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What’s Bugging Me

What’s Bugging Me
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Well I start this off as I’m on a flight to Florida. I’ve been flying a lot lately and could it get any worse? I hate to fly and the scene at the airports is a nightmare. In NYC, all the airports seem to have construction going on (probably because no updates have happened in 40 years) so that makes things even worse. Friends of mine have told me that when they took cabs to the airport, the construction created so much traffic that they got out of their cabs and walked to the airport terminal with all their luggage! Luckily that didn’t happen to me this morning when I took a cab at 5:30 to the airport. Apparently if you go three hours early to your flight, this is not as much of an issue. I always check my bag because I don’t want to haul it around the airport for 2 hours and there is never any room in the overhead containers by the time I board…plus I can’t reach them. After dropping the bag, I go to the security gate and realize I am TSA pre-check. It’s my lucky day! I have no idea how I got this. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. I don’t seem to be any less of a security risk than the people I pass by in the regular line. More and more people are getting this designation so that the TSA pre-check is almost as long as the regular line, except that people have their shoes on. My friend got TSA pre-check recently and she only had a one-way ticket. Excuse me but didn’t the 9/11 hijackers all have one way tickets?! When I got to my gate, I saw that the flight was delayed for an hour. Oh joy! There is no explanation except the flight that is coming in is delayed. By what? Weather? The always mysterious ‘mechanical problems’ (I hate that one)? No one ever says why! Finally our incoming flight comes in and, no one gets off it! Was the plane just parked somewhere and the pilot overslept before he had to go pick it up? We board and are on our way. Suffice it to say, I hate flying!

Have you noticed recently that everyone describes what they are doing as ‘being passionate’ about it? This hit home to me recently when I was talking to some vendors that my company is using. The two people I was talking to were telling me about their backgrounds and both used the term ‘passionate about it’ when talking about what they currently do. When did this passionate thing start? Why isn’t it just okay anymore to just like and be interested in something? We now have to be passionate about it?! Passion to me denotes a love affair, art or something like that. Certainly not my job or my website or the latest pair of shoes I bought. I enjoy them all and like them but I don’t consider them a passion. I think it has something to do with this new millennial generation. It’s not okay to just be okay with something anymore; it has to be much more than that. It’s kind of exhausting, no?

On a totally different note…did you see the Oscars? I just love watching the red carpet to see the clothes and jewels (yes I am superficial) and this year everyone looked pretty good (except Dakota Johnson who was wearing a Gucci dress that looked like something from Little House on the Prairie). I saw just about all the movies nominated including the 2 winners, La La Land and then Moonlight. They were good but to me they weren’t best picture. That should have gone to Hidden Figures, a total crowd pleaser of a movie. It had a message, it had humor, it had women who triumphed over their circumstances and….it made a lot of money. What more could you ask for in a Best Picture? Too bad Warren Beatty didn’t announce that one while he was at it. The good thing about the best picture mix up is that, as a result, we are still talking about the movies. Normally I forget who won within about a week. And speaking of the mix up, why has there been more time devoted to figuring out why that happened then to how the Russians hacked our election? It’s odd.

Speaking of the Russians….boy that Russian Ambassador gets around doesn’t he? First he meets with Michael Flynn (ex National Security Advisor, current conspiracy theorist), then Jared Kushner (ex Real Estate developer, current son-in-law and presidential ‘advisor’), then that good old southern gent, Jeff Sessions (ex. Senator and racist, current Attorney General and possible racist).  Who knew an ambassador could be so popular? And doesn’t he look like a typical Russian operative from an old James Bond movie? He could be typecast. Of course none of them ever discussed the campaign or the election or the sanctions on Russia!! That would NEVER have come up. These were just social visits!

Finally, something that is not bugging me. If you are in New York, go to see Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway! I loved this show!! I saw it 20 years ago (oh god) when it was on Broadway the first time, but this is better! Glenn Close is marvelous!

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