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What’s Bugging Me

What’s Bugging Me
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I was trying to write one of these rants every month but haven’t written in awhile because there are just so many things bugging me that I didn’t know where to start! Every time I open my Facebook feed, I get aggravated by what is going on in our government because of all the political posts. With our fearless leader in the white house, it seems like the bullies won. Remember when you were a kid and you got bullied (apparently an epidemic for kids these days)? My mother used to tell me just to ignore them and they would go away. Perfect advice back then because it usually worked. Unfortunately now no one ignores anything.  We have that same bully we hated in grade school in the white house, spewing nasty tweets, calling people insulting nicknames and throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. It also doesn’t seem that he can even read off a teleprompter, so he obviously never took speech class in high school. Whatever your politics, doesn’t this just seem a bit beneath the role? Aren’t presidents supposed to have a little class and be above the fray? Aren’t they supposed to be even slightly eloquent? Anyway, enough about politics. There are many other crazy things out there.

For one, commuting to work on the subway has really been getting to me. I’m sure most people have heard about all the problems with the MTA, so no use ranting about that. The other annoying thing besides train delays is that since all these staircases in Grand Central are closed for repairs, they herd you like a bunch of cattle into these fenced off areas to go up and down, yelling at you to stay to the left or right. What’s next, cattleprods to make sure we stay in line? This is not a fun way to start the day.

It seems to me lately that it has gotten quite a bit easier to become a legend. Today on a promo for the Megan Kelly show (Megan Kelly now trying to be Oprah) she described yet another sexual assault allegation against ‘legendary actor’ Steven Seagal. Legendary actor? Really? Didn’t he just make a bunch of karate movies and cheat on his wife Kelly LeBrock, when she was pregnant? Since when is that classified as legendary? I’ve heard Brittany Spears being called an icon. Huh!? I’m sure she is very nice, and I have to give it to her for shaving all her hair off that one time, but an icon? Because of what? Lip-syncing while dancing? The bar for becoming an icon or a legend has really lowered since Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra were around.

Have you noticed recently the rash of young (mostly men) twenty-somethings wearing short pants (precisely at the ankle) and no socks. I don’t mind the look, but IT IS WINTER! Aren’t they cold? It’s all about the look these days so I guess keeping warm doesn’t matter that much. The same thing holds true for ripped jeans. I know they are the trend with the strategic straight rip across the kneecap but, I like a full, un-ripped jean in the winter. In fact I wouldn’t mind having the ski pants my mother used to make me wear underneath my skirt when I walked to school…much to my embarrassment. They seem like a pretty good idea these days, even though back in the day I took them off as soon as I got out of site of our house. I guess this is a sign I’m getting old!

Another sign I’m getting old is that I’ve started weeping every time I watch an episode of ‘This Is Us.’ What is wrong with me? I used to be tougher than this! The plot lines resonate with me but the people I identify with now are the parents! Commercials with old aging dogs who can barely jump up into the car anymore also make me cry. Why is this? Maybe it’s because I can identify!

Until next time!

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