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What’s Bugging Me

What’s Bugging Me
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Well October is over and I’m sad about it.  It is my favorite month during my favorite season and it seemed to go by really fast this year.  Come to think of it, this whole year is going by fast.  When I was a kid, time seemed to go by so slow; now it is just the opposite.  I guess it has to do with aging but it bugs me a little.

Speaking of things that bug me, have you noticed lately that the new way to propose marriage to someone is on national TV?  It started with that guy at the Emmy awards, then I saw one of the contestants on Jeopardy do it.  The other morning I was watching footage of the NYC Halloween parade on NY 1 and sure enough one of the zombies proposed to his girlfriend while being interviewed on TV by a reporter at the parade.  I find this slightly odd.  What is the person being proposed to supposed to say?  Unless they want to embarrass the person asking them in front of a large audience, of course they say yes.  But do they really want to marry them?  I don’t figure to be getting married again but if I do find Mr. Semi-Right, he better not propose in front of group, let alone on national TV. That could be the end of our relationship.

I was watching the Today show (my go to morning show) the other day and they had a story about a situation that occurred at a university.  Apparently at some lecture, instead of running a film that had info that was related to the topic, they blasted out a porn movie by mistake.  Oops! Anyway, I’m sure it must have been a jolt to the people who were there (especially if it was an early morning class), but the thing that really got me was that they were offering counseling and support to anyone offended by this.  OMG really?  Counseling because they saw porn? I’m sure the university did this so they wouldn’t get hit with some sort of harassment lawsuit, but really.  It seems that everyone needs counseling these days for anything that happens.  I should have gone to school for psychology.  I probably could work well into my 80s with the demand out there for guidance.  Speaking of guidance, while the whole Bret Kavanaugh hearings were going on with all the publicity, one of the segments on the Today show was an interview with an ‘expert’ about how to talk to your kids about the Kavanaugh hearings.  Huh? Did you really want to talk to your kids about this?  Don’t they have video games to play? It’s a sad state of affairs these days that parents don’t seem to be able to think of a way to talk to their kids about a subject unless they receive guidance from an ‘expert.’

Lately I’ve been getting inundated with emails from Groupon, the website that offers discounts on fashions, spa treatments and other things.  I don’t know why they are suddenly emailing me 3 times a day since I’ve never ordered one thing from them, but whatever.  Maybe they  know I’m a fan of the comedian Tiffany Haddish who is their spokesperson.  Anyway, even though it’s annoying, I do occasionally look to see what deals they are offering.  The other day I was surprised to see some deals on plastic surgery procedures.  Haven’t these people watched the show ‘Botched?’  Plastic surgery is not something you want to look for a deal on.  Another thing you don’t want to look for a deal on is laser eye surgery but, sure enough, that was on Groupon this morning.  Call me crazy but when I think of having surgery on my eyes, I do not want to go with the doctor who is offering discounts to get patients.

Is it me or has the smell of pot changed since I was in my 20s? I never was a huge pot smoker but it definitely had a distinct odor that you could  recognize anywhere.  Lately, I’ve noticed a distinctly different smell as I walk down the street.  I’m from upstate New York so in my youth, I smelled many skunks in the woods where I used to play and hang out. That smell was a hint that you should get the hell out of there before the skunk actually appeared.  Anyway, a while ago I started noticing that the same skunk smell seemed to be everywhere as I walked down city streets.  I thought it was odd that so many skunks had infiltrated New York City so I mentioned this to a friend.  They looked at me, rolled their eyes and told me that it was not a skunk….it was the smell of pot.  I hate to be nostalgic but I think I liked the old pot smell better.

Until next time.


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