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What's Bugging Me

What's Bugging Me
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Well It’s been a couple of months but things are building up again and I just have to rant about them.  Here goes..

I think I have had it with cowardly people on the internet.  I just read a post on Facebook by Gabby Giffords saying that she was off to meet with some legislators to discuss gun laws.  You remember Gabby.  She was the Congresswoman who got shot in the head by a nutcase in Arizona as she was giving a speech and meeting the people in her district.  She barely survived but has recovered sufficiently to decide that she is going to campaign for better gun control laws.  She doesn’t feel you should outlaw people having weapons; she just feels there should be background checks and other sane things that should happen when people get a gun.  Anyway, I read this post and the awful comments about it were unbelievable!  Telling her ‘F*** you Bitch’ was the one that sent me over the edge.  F*** you Bitch?  Really? To a woman who survived a gunshot to the head and now has the audacity to believe in gun control???  What is wrong with people?  Even if you believe that everyone should walk about with a 6 gun, you actually say something like that to a woman who has suffered so much?  What on earth?  I can’t tell you how awful I think this is.  How easy it is to make these comments on the internet when you don’t have to face the person and actually see what she goes through on a daily basis.  What ever happened to being decent to people?  It really is mind boggling.

While we’re at it….What ever happened to manners?  When I was a kid, I came home from having dinner at my friend’s house.  My mother asked me, “Did you say thank you?”  I couldn’t remember if I had and said that.  My mother yelled at me for at least 30 minutes about how I needed to thank people until I finally said that I just remembered that maybe I HAD said thanks, so she stopped.  I’m sure the length of time my mother yelled was probably based on her frustration with having to endure 6 kids yelling and screaming at each other all day more than what I didn’t say.   The no thank you was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back and set her off; however, the impression was made.  Now, even in my 50s, I thank people obsessively for just about everything.  Although my mother went a little overboard that time, manners were an important part of my childhood.  You had to say please and thanks, you had to behave well in a restaurant, and most of all you had to be nice and polite to people.  This included not saying anything insulting or mean.  Today, people say insulting and mean things all the time and then ‘apologize’ over the internet after it goes viral and they get into trouble.  What ever happened to thinking before you say something and realizing that it could hurt someone?  Have we become so desensitized to bad behavior that the little voice in our heads that used to make people stop before they said something impolite or awful has been shut down?  It’s really hard to believe what comes out of some people’s mouths these days.

Piggybacking on that (and I know I’m a little late on this one) but what was up with Brian Williams?  It is always tempting to embellish stories that you tell and your role in different situations that happen.  You know, the ‘big fish’ story etc.  It is tempting; however, you realize that if people find out you are lying, it could be embarrassing (see the statement above about that little voice in your head).  If we exaggerate a little, people probably wouldn’t catch on, though.  But if Brian Williams embellishes, people can actually check!!  Did he forget that he is BRIAN WILLIAMS?!  Also, people kind of remember when their helicopter is shot down during wartime and probably also remember who they were with when it happened.  I will say this about the whole situation though.  Until Brian’s statement explaining what happened, I never knew that conflate was even a word!  You certainly do learn something every day.

Lastly, I have had enough of seeing Kim Kardashian nude.  I know I’ve said this before but really, it is getting to be so commonplace now that it’s actually surprising to see her with clothes on.  Her husband Kanye (or Yeezus as he calls himself) recently sent out several nude photos of her on his instagram account.  I tell you, nothing says I love and respect you more than sending out naked pictures of your wife and the mother of your child for the world to see.  It brought a tear to my eye.

Until Next Time…

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