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What's Bugging Me

What's Bugging Me
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Well I was reading the Daily News online this morning and what do I see? An interview with the couple from Staten Island who attracted attention because they went to the mall with the woman on all fours with a leash around her neck being walked around by her fiance. Let’s not even get into discussing how degrading that is to the woman (she apparently likes it); let’s talk about the ridiculousness of the Daily News for running a story on them. According to the woman (who prefers to be called ‘Xena, Nathan’s puppy’…all one name) they never intended to try and get attention. Really? A man walking a woman on a leash on all fours was not something they thought people might look at? Yes I’m sure. Luckily it’s a slow news weekend so the Daily News decided to feature a full interview with them while they explained that this is normal for them and the leash is not part of their sex life. Thank god for small favors because if it were, we would probably have to hear all about that.   This whole thing bothers me because 1) I thought newspapers were supposed to have actual news in them and 2) why on earth do we have to give people like this attention? I wasn’t going to write about this (live and let live and all) until I saw the picture of her cage in their apartment and another one with her in a muzzle.   We need to stop paying attention to people who do stupid things to get attention. That probably won’t happen though. Actually they will probably get their own show on TLC (The Learning Channel) very soon. They can put it on after their other classic TV show ‘Sex sent me to the ER.’

And speaking of TLC, let’s talk about the Duggars, shall we? You know these people, right? The ‘Christian’ family who have 19 kids, all with names that begin with J. They’ve had a show on TLC called ‘19 Kids and Counting’ for a few years now. Actually I think when it started it was called 15 Kids and Counting but the Duggars are a very productive couple. We see the kids as they are home schooled and the oldest kids pitching in and taking care of the youngest ones. Unfortunately when the oldest son Josh was taking care of his younger sisters, he apparently felt the need to molest them….along with a couple of their friends who stayed with them. Jim-Bob, the dad, knew about this but instead of reporting it, took Josh to see a state trooper who was a family friend. The state trooper, instead of reporting it, gave Josh a ‘stern talking to.’ Then he went home and probably looked at his child pornography collection, for which he is now in jail for 60 years. You really can’t make this stuff up. The thing that really bugs me about this is the hypocrisy. These people claim to be Christian, talk about morality and how gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry etc. and yet, they are covering up immoral behavior in their own back yard. Probably so their TV show (and money train) won’t be canceled. One thing not even mentioned in the stories is the effect this probably had on the young girls who have supposedly ‘forgiven’ poor Josh, who is now ‘closer to god’ after all of this.

Did you see Matt Lauer’s bike ride for charity last week on the Today show? Now let me just say, I love Matt Lauer. I know people have an issue with him because of the Ann Curry debacle, but I like him on Today. Anyway, he rode from Boston to NY to raise money for children in poverty, a very good cause. The thing that wasn’t so good is that the Today show acted like he was doing a world bike tour. It was actually only 200 miles over 4 days. Now I’m not making light of that since I can’t even ride a bike down the street anymore, but really! Then after he was finally in NY, for 2 days they showed flashbacks of clips of his ride. This brings me to my point. When did news reporters become the story? I think it started when Tim Russert, who hosted Meet the Press died. He was good at his job, but the coverage NBC had about his death was almost presidential! Literally 4 days of coverage including parts of his funeral. I’m not sure they gave as much coverage to Gerald Ford’s passing….but maybe that was because he pardoned Nixon. Anyway it is becoming a common thing. When Bob Simon from 60 Minutes died, they interrupted programming to announce it. I think Walter Cronkite is probably rolling over in his grave.

Lastly, have you noticed that people are using the words awesome and amazing all the time now? It is prevalent among millennials but people older than that are succumbing also. It is especially true in the beauty and fashion industries where everything is awesome and amazing. Everyone’s haircut is awesome, their dress is amazing and they as people are both awesome and amazing. Maybe I’m being curmudgeonly but no one’s haircut is awesome. It might look nice, but it is not awesome. When we were kids, the moonwalk was awesome and new inventions like home computers were amazing! We need to reign in the use of those words a little more.

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