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When the Six Pack of Your Youth Becomes a Keg – Part 2

When the Six Pack of Your Youth Becomes a Keg – Part 2
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By Michael Spitzer

Yesterday we presented the first part of Michael Spitzer’s article. If you missed it, feel free to go back to catch up. You won’t want to miss this enlightening series of articles on fitness for middle-aged people like ourselves.

The True Path for Getting Those Abs

1) The first step is to evaluate your diet and make an estimate of what you think your “perfect” body weight will be when you are lean, chiseled and showing that chiseled midsection. Why is this important?

You need to eat for the body you want – not the body you have. Keep in mind of course this weight may change as you begin making progress. After all, the scales are a LOUSY tool for weight loss. Scales tell you nothing about your body composition. The mirror is really the most important tool for measuring your fat loss goals, but we need the scales if for no other reason than to have a place to start.

2) For the sake of example, let’s assume you are currently 185 lbs. and think based on memories from your youth that you will have the look you desire at around 155 lbs. You would then structure a diet that was 110-150 grams of protein per day. Your fat intake would be approximately 40 grams per day. Your carbohydrates would be approximately 30-120 grams per day as a starting point.

Since protein is the second most abundant constituent of the human body after water, it is the most important for ongoing repair and maintenance. Fats are needed for a variety of functions, but are not needed in excess quantities. Even when trying to reduce body fat, these protein and fat intake values should never change much.

Carbohydrates are like the fuel we put in our cars. The more you drive, the more you need.
If you want to lose weight, you need to force your body to tap into its fat reserves for energy.
The body will not tap into its fat reserves as long as there are excess carbohydrates being fed into the system.

In fact, body fat (not to be confused with dietary fat) can be thought of as a storage bank for excess carbohydrates. You should aim to spread your macronutrient intake over 4-6 smaller meals each day and adjust ONLY the carbohydrates to meet your weight loss goals. An example of a low-carb fat shredding diet is shown below.

Ultra-Low Carb Weight Loss Meal Plan for 150lb Individual

8 10   (3) 5 I slice Low Carb Bread, 2 Bacon slices, 1 slice Cheese
14 8   (4) 17 1- Egg, 1 Slice Cheese,1 Oz Almonds
48 6   (4) 2 Low Carb Protein Shake-Large
32 10   (4) 12 Chicken Salad w/ Low-Carb Tortilla
24 3   (2) 1 Low Carb Protein Shake-Small
30 6   (3) 3 ½ Grilled Chicken Breast & ½ cup   Broccoli
Protein-gr Carb-gr Fat-gr TOTAL
 156 43 40 CALORIES
Protein-cal Carb-cal Fat-cal CONSUMED
624 172 360 1156
% of Cal. % of Cal. % of Cal.
53.98% 14.88% 31.14% 100.00%


Note- Net Carbohydrates are shown in parenthesis.

You can see this sample diet plan provides a near perfect “fat shredding” balance of lean protein, complex carbs, fiber and essential fats.

3) With the diet now optimized for weight loss, the next step for getting that 6 pack is exercise.

Dispelling another myth …. No more than 3-4 days of exercise training per week are required to get a surprising level of fitness and conditioning when it is done properly.

What is required is a carefully structured balance of weight training and cardio that works all the major body parts and the abdominal region 3 times per week.

One may ask the question … “What about special abdominal exercises?”

Again the truth leads to the most straightforward answer. There are certainly a vast number of exercises that can be utilized to exercise the whole core midsection, however many people over age 50 have a variety of lower back problems or other aches and pains that might make some of the movements endorsed in modern fitness classes uncomfortable – or- even potential harmful.

For all but the most serious hard-core athlete, excellent results can be achieved with ….


Leg Raises

Side Raises

Lower Back Hyperextensions

These 4 exercises are basic “old school” movements that work as good today as they did for Steve Reeves (Star of the 1950’s Hercules movies) many decades ago.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we will continue this article with important excerpts taken from the Michael Spitzer’s book FITNESS AT 40,50, 60 AND BEYOND. The next three segments will feature exercises from Mr. Spitzer’s book. Don’t miss these important exercises that will help you to trim and tone your waistline.

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