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When the Six Pack of Your Youth Becomes a Keg – Part 5

When the Six Pack of Your Youth Becomes a Keg – Part 5
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By Michael Spitzer

Here is the last in a five part series of information and exercises to bring back that physique you had way back when in your twenties and thirties.

Side Bends

side exercise 1










Side exercise 2



Starting Position

This movement uses the same hyperextension bench that you have been using for your lower back. Position yourself in a sideways position such that your upper body can freely move laterally over the edge of the upper support.

Cross one arm in front of your body (or place that hand behind your head), while the hand of the opposite arm rests on the side of the waist being exercised. Secure your ankles under the foot support. In the starting position, you should be holding your body straight outwards in the air.


Slowly lower your body laterally until you feel a healthy stretch in your oblique muscle at the side of your waist. When you reach the bottom, slowly raise your torso back to the starting position. Be sure not to rise too high. You only want to return to the point that your body is straight. Do not reverse flex your waist in the opposite, upwards position.


The reason I stress only raising the torso to a straight position is most people prefer a tight, slender waist. Working the oblique muscles in the manner I describe helps to tone, stretch, tighten, and smooth them.

When you bend upwards too far, you effectively flex, shorten and “bunch” the oblique muscle. While this certainly works the muscle harder, some people feel this causes the oblique to overdevelop and thicken, causing a wider appearance to the waist.

A variation of this exercise can be performed with a lightweight dumbbell.

In this version, the dumbbell provides resistance as opposed to the force of gravity on your suspended upper torso. The same rules apply regarding a full lateral stretch downwards and only returning upwards to a straight standing position.

With either version of this exercise, you should really feel your lateral oblique muscles toning up – especially if you have never performed specialized movements for this region before. Perform 20 repetitions for each side.

In these articles we have briefly outlined the truth about what it takes to get a visible 6 pack.

To recap, the steps are ….

1) A diet based on lean protein and complex carbohydrates.
2) Eliminate or greatly reduce consumption of simple carbs and sugars.
3) Three days of exercise per week with a program that incorporates weight resistance training, cardio and four special exercises for the abdominal region.

YES … Even in your 40s, 50s or older, you CAN get that coveted 6-pack if you ignore the myths, infomercials, miracle products and other false promises. The road to real success is paved with truthful time proven scientific methods.For more detailed information on fitness for men and women over age 40 and an in-depth discussion of the program summarized in these articles, we ate Fifty is the New Fifty recommend that you check out the book FITNESS AT 40,50,60 AND BEYOND by Michael Spitzer. Buy it at For anyone serious about getting back in shape or maintaining youthful figure, this is an excellent resource and guide.


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