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Where to Find Stylish and Supportive Summer Shoes

Where to Find Stylish and Supportive Summer Shoes
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By Naakai Addy

Summer is the perfect time to embrace femininity in footwear, but as you age, it is ever more important to take care of your body’s primary base. Pretty shoes don’t have to constrict your feet, and they should never be pure decoration. A beautiful pair of summer shoes should let your feet breathe, provide ample support for long walks in the sun and step up to the latest fashion trends. Here are four affordable brands that excel in marrying comfort and style for summer footwear.


Naturalizer is known for comfort, but this durable brand has significantly evolved its style prowess. Say goodbye to dowdy duds and embrace beautiful flats, wedges and heels that provide all-day support for your feet. Naturalizer doesn’t have the flashiest shoes, but as you build your basic footwear wardrobe you can find all of the chic staples here, from casual to more formal options. Naturalizer shoes come in all shapes and sizes, but the common threads are clean lines, sturdy, high-quality materials, a natural color palette and fair prices. Naturalizer’s shoes look expensive and luxurious, but a great pair of wedges can cost as little as $50.


Although we’ve all become accustomed to cheaply-made, mass-produced shoes over the years, there’s a reason that great shoes tend to cost more money than mediocre ones. Truly supportive shoes cost money to make properly, so they are worth the splurge every once in awhile. When you’re looking for flashier summer shoes with beautiful design, rich colors and solid construction, VANELi is a trustworthy option. The prices are slightly steeper than with other brands, but the value is undeniable. A VANELi shoe will last for many summers to come, even if you do a great deal of walking, dancing or jumping for joy. Find VANELi styles in-store and online at DSW, Marmi and Zappos.


It’s hard to believe that luxurious comfort can be bought for less than $20, but Dexflex makes that dream come true. Available at Payless, the Dexflex Comfort line fully lives up to its name. With a range of chic flats, summer sandals, wedges and heels, this brand brings supportive cushioning to flattering shoe styles. They may not last you as long as pricier products, but for $20-$40 it’s well-worth replenishing your supply every summer. Customers rave about Dexflex for its quilted, memory-foam insoles and fashion-forward designs. The flexible outsole also conforms remarkably well to the shape of your foot, making them feel like they were custom-made for you. For comfortable and affordable summer fashion, pick up a pair of Dexflex Comfort’s jewel-toned Low-Wedge slides or Gladiator Flats.


Clark’s is rarely associated with a high-fashion aesthetic, but this brand has long been at the forefront of comfort technology and wearable craftsmanship. Popular products like Clark’s Cloud Steppers provide the ultimate comfort while striving for a modern aesthetic. Around since 1825, Clark’s is dedicated to understanding what feet truly need to feel supported. With proprietary technology such as Active-Air, this veteran shoe brand breaks pedestrian comfort down to a science. While you’re unlikely to find 5-inch leopard-print peep-toes at Clark’s, you will find plenty of cute summer sandals that give your feet the TLC they deserve. If you’re stuck working for most of the season, the Active Air line is perfectly professional and specifically designed to keep your feet cool even in the summer heat.




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