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Wigs: One Solution for Thinning or Damaged Hair

Wigs: One Solution for Thinning or Damaged Hair
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By Naakai Addy

Despite the increasing availability of gorgeous, high-quality wigs, these handy hair enhancements still have a reputation for being costumey. Wigs can, however, be a freeing option for women over fifty and, when made by the right brands, look completely natural and stunningly beautiful. Whether you have damaged or thinning hair that you want to give a break, have lost your hair due to illness or you’re simply tired of the same old hairstyle, you might find it worthwhile to give wigs a try.

Wig types 

Nowadays, there are quite a few wig types and seemingly endless styles to choose from. Human hair wigs are widely considered the most authentic-looking, and due to their source they’re the most expensive. Bear in mind, however, that many stores and websites falsely advertise “100% human hair” wigs and charge you a premium for what is not, in fact, human hair. To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, try one of’s best-selling human hair brands. These include Jon Renau, Vivica Fox, Raquel Welch, Motown Tress and Louis Ferre. Most of these brands also offer lace-front wigs, which can sometimes give you a more natural-looking hairline. If you do choose a lace-front, make sure to have someone with a lot of experience help you apply it in order to avoid skin damage.

While there are stores in some cities that offer human hair wigs, it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not they offer the true product. If you prefer to buy a wig in a physical store so you can try it on, speak with a hair stylist you know and trust about where you can find a great one in your city. There are fantastic wig specialists, such as Hadiiya Barbel in New York, who create high-end and custom wigs. Barbel won an Emmy for her wig creations and has worked with superstars from talk-show host Wendy Williams to supermodel Iman.

Synthetic wigs may not originate from an actual person, but their quality has significantly improved in recent years. No longer does opting for a cost-effective synthetic wig mean looking like you stopped by a Halloween costume emporium. Making them look authentic, however, does take some work. Beauty site XO Vain recommends using an easy fabric softener solution to moisturize the wig and make the synthetic fibers smoother and more pliable. Many brands such as Jon Renau that carry human hair wigs also offer high-quality synthetic wigs. Wigs by Patti’s Pearls advises customers to look out for Kanekalon fiber in the materials, which is the most common advanced fiber used in synthetic wigs today.

Styling wigs

Fashion Bomb Daily recommends taking a trip to the hairdresser to have your wig styled when you first buy it. This is important because you’ll want to make sure the cut and positioning of the wig fits your face shape and features, even if you tried it on in a store. You can certainly choose a style that mimics what you usually wear, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Wigs are an investment, but they’re not your real hair, so there’s a lot more room for experimentation.

Just like your own hair, wigs need to be cared for so they don’t fall apart or develop an undesired texture. The good news is that since they’re not attached to your head, you can wash them far more easily than your own hair. You can use any mild shampoo, but brands such as BeatiMark and Hair U Wear make a full range of products specifically designed for both synthetic and human hair wigs. These products are formulated to extend the life of the wig and many are environmentally friendly. Once you’ve retired your wig for the day, make sure to set it on a wig head so it retains its shape. (Perhaps avoid setting the wig heads in your bedroom, however, as that could easily be fuel for a recurring nightmare.)

Some women may still be concerned about a perceived stigma around wigs. If you fall into this category, remember that almost everyone enhances their appearance in some way, shape or form. Wearing a wig is not necessarily about deceiving people. It’s about giving yourself more versatility, and in fact it’s an opportunity to free yourself from what can often be a demoralizing attachment to your natural hair. After all, femininity is a performance, and there’s nothing greater than finding fun new ways to enjoy the show.

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