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Winning the Battle with Dry Skin at 50

Winning the Battle with Dry Skin at 50
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By Colleen Dowd

Buying a moisturizer today is no simple task.   There’s a ton of options to choose from in every drug store and at every cosmetics counter. Plus, if you’re like me and grew up with oily skin, confronting really dry skin is a surprising turn-around and one for which you may have no reference point.

Many of us wind up buying and trying a ton of products.  It can get expensive.  What’s worse is that, for me at least, nothing really worked.   Either the products were not moisturizing enough, turned my skin red, or left my face greasy.  Yuck!

So I did my research.   The greatest thing I learned was this:  To be maximally effective and side-step irritation (important for those of us who are 50+ because skin becomes more sensitive with age) a moisturizer must contain the same emollients found naturally in your skin — and they must be in the same ratio.

But guess what?  Not a lot of products offer that.

It’s a simple concept.  Your skin barrier is made up of three molecules:  ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids.   If you use a lotion or cream that is solely ceramide-based, for example, it can wreak havoc with your skin.  That’s important because your skincare barrier is what keeps irritants like pollution out and moisture in.   If the barrier gets irritated or unbalanced, your skin reacts by drying out, turning red or stinging.

However, if you use a moisturizer that has those three ingredients in the same ratio in which they’re found in your body, your skin can more easily absorb those nutrients.  It can also better retain moisture and the skincare barrier can better repair itself.

I have found only product proven to include all three molecules in that precarious ratio: ATOMPALM MLE.   This is NOT a sponsored post.   You can buy it at Target, on Amazon, or directly from the manufacturer for between $ 25 and $ 30.   It’s ultra-soothing, highly emollient and so effective that it can double as an eye cream.  Technically, it’s a night cream formulated to deeply restore moisture and renew the skin barrier while you sleep.  But it absorbs so completely I use it during the day too in the winter.  It’s scentless, odorless and non-greasy.

If your skin is not sensitive, this cream will still be effective for you.   You can slather it on and, if you want, layer serums, peptides, antioxidants and/or retinoids to deal with signs of aging like wrinkles or hyperpigmentation.

However, if you’re low maintenance gal or guy, just get a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, which costs no more than $ 12 for a big plastic tub with a pump and you’re good to go.

Do you have a skincare product or routine you love?  If so, please share it in the comments below with our readers.









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