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Year of Living Dangerously – week 3

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Well, it is my 3rd week with no job and it is finally hitting me.  Prior to this week, it just felt like an extended vacation…not unemployment.  Since I’ve never taken a vacation longer than 2 weeks, this week marks the reality of no job.  I read an article this morning that people are starting to be reluctant to interview people who are currently unemployed.  What?!  That was a little depressing, so I’ve decided not to read any more articles about recruitment.  It is funny; I had to lay off a lot of people in my last job and the one that really stuck with me was a woman who told me that it wasn’t that she really liked her job, it was just that she had a routine going.  I understood what she meant then but that same thing is really hitting home for me now.  As many of my friends know, I am a creature of habit.  For the last 3 years at my job, I ate at the same lunch place every day and had the same food.  I also went and bought it with the same work friend who I’ve really missed seeing every day.  The place had a healthy hot bar and I felt like I was getting at least one nutritious meal every day.  This place is too far to walk and bring food back to my house (and wouldn’t it be pathetic if I did this?) so I have been at a loss for what to eat for lunch!  Of course there are certainly worse problems out there; however, the change in my routine has been a little difficult.  Knowing I had to get up for work jump started my day and made me do things.  I’ve made all these plans of what I wanted to do while unemployed, but I don’t seem to be doing them.  I’m blaming it a little on the weather because it has been really cold, but that really isn’t an excuse for someone from northern NY state.  This cold ‘ain’t nuthin!’  The problem is actually me and the fact that I don’t really have a reason to get up every day.  I do get up early and work out but, after that, it has been easy to watch Hoda and Kathy Lee and then get sucked into watching all the TV shows from there.  I need to break this cycle quick!

Anyway, I actually did get out and do a few things in the last week.  I saw 2 great movies, Black Swan and The Fighter.  It’s nice going to the movies when there are very few people there.  No waiting in line for popcorn and arriving super early to get a good seat.  I saw Black Swan first….very freaky.  A great story but I found myself getting a little skeeved out by a few scenes…all in all, thumbs up though.  Just as an aside I have to comment about Barbara Hershey.  She played the mother in the film and she looked pretty terrible.  This might have been because she was playing a bit of a waco but frankly, I’m attributing it to the use of too much filler around her mouth.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with people doing plastic surgery/botox etc if it makes them look great and feel good about themselves; however, she has gone way overboard.  She had lumps around her mouth and looked unnatural.  Too bad because she was quite pretty.  Now the only work she probably gets is in films where she plays someone a little unbalanced.  The Fighter was thumbs up also.  I love the fight scenes and his family was a real sketch (it is based on a true story).  I used to take boxing at Trinity Boxing gym downtown.  What a workout!  I quit once it got to the point of people hitting me in the ring; however, I might start back up again just for the exercise.  This film inspired me.

I’ve contacted the photographer about head shots and we have an appointment.  Unfortunately I got my hair cut last week and it is a little too short so I might have to wait.  I want to look my best….or at least better…when I do this.  I watched the Golden Globes on TV on Sunday and have been obsessed with looking at pictures of the clothes ever since.  Maybe if this movie extra work pans out, I’ll get my big break and be there next year.  Should this happen…note to Oscar De La Renta….you will need to loan me one of your gowns for the ceremony.

This week I’m trying to take care of medical things.  I finally was able to elect COBRA which keeps my benefits going, so now I can go to the doctor.  I’ve made an appt for my annual physical.  Hopefully the working out every day will be helpful when he does the yearly weigh in!  I’m working on this website and meeting with people about it…getting some new content.  BTW: read my brothers article on the front page of the site.  It’s long but worth it!  I’m continuing to go out with friends so apparently my slight depression is not hampering my ability to drink alcohol….thank god.

Well have a good week and hopefully I will have done several things on my bucket list for the next blog.

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