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Year of Living Dangerously – week 8

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I’m sitting here watching my best friends Cathy Lee and Hoda and they are trying a new dog food that looks good enough for humans to eat.  I love these women!  The fact that we have had the time to become so close really reminds me that it is almost the end of February. Wow! I’m having trouble remembering just exactly what I have done for the past two months.  Of course, there was my bathroom, but I really can’t think of anything else very productive I did except work out everyday.  This needs to change in March so I can prove to myself that I can be successful at not working.  I hope the weather will cooperate and be a little warmer so I’ll feel like walking around more.

I spent this past week getting my apartment back in shape after the bathroom renovation.  Everything was filthy and covered in dust and all my furniture had been moved into one section of my space.  My man Richard was nice enough to come over and help me clean up.  I don’t do well when everything is not in it’s right place, so it is such a relief that things are back in order.   I feel at peace.

Another week, another phone interview.  This one was better than the last few because the person calling me actually laughed at a few things I said and seemed pretty down to earth.  Who knows where this will go but at least I enjoyed the conversation.  I went to the Four Seasons and had drinks with my friends.  As I got there my phone rang and I answered it thinking it was probably someone I knew.  It turned out to be a recruiter calling me at 6:30 at night to ‘chat’ a little.  I sat near the restroom of the restaurant talking with her because these days I don’t want to put anyone off who has a job to discuss.  I really like the Four Seasons for drinks.  The bar is very pleasant and the clientele is not usually 20 somethings.  It is also amusing to watch the pickup scene.  There are a lot of men who work in finance and a lot of women looking to meet them.  I would even guess that some of the women are ‘professionals.’   There are women who work in finance there also, but they aren’t usually the glamorous types.

I went to a play this week ‘That Championship Season’ starring Chris Noth and Kiefer Sutherland.  I was really looking forward to seeing it but it turned out to be just okay.  The actors were good but the play is dated and I found myself looking at my watch a lot toward the end.  I did get to eat at Joe Allens before the show which is always fun.  The place is a theater hangout so occasionally you see actors you know there and the food is decent.  Over the weekend I’m seeing another play called ‘The Whipping Man’ which, hopefully, will be better.

I watched TV alot this week and all sorts of things are happening in the news.  There is the unrest in the Middle East, the missing democrats in Wisconsin and Charlie Sheen’s antics.  A lot of the governments in the Mideast seem to be teetering on the brink with their citizens trying to overthrow them.  Many people have been killed and injured so it’s quite sad, but you have to admire people who are willing to risk themselves for a cause.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that the dictators in all these countrys don’t seem to have gotten any older in the 40 years they have been in power.  Mubarek….Khadafi…the guy in Tunisia…their hair is still jet black and their faces look (kind of) the same.  They all must have colorists and plastic surgeons on their payrolls.  I guess they figure if they look like they haven’t aged, no one will notice they have been in power way too long.  The Democrats in Wisconsin don’t want to vote on a bill limiting unions so they have left the state and are now in an undisclosed location.  What?!  Is this the same undisclosed location that Dick Cheney spent the days after 9/11 in?  What a bunch of cowards…but then to expect any politician to have courage is pretty unrealistic.  Finally, Charlie Sheen and his home rehab.  After hearing his latest rant that caused his show to close down, apparently it isn’t working!  What is up with this guy?  If I made 2 million dollars for each episode of a show that isn’t even funny, I would just shut my mouth and enjoy.  He has something they call a ‘sober coach.’  From what I can gather, a sober coach goes places (bars and parties) with the person they are ‘coaching’ and makes sure they don’t drink.  I could do this!  I wonder what the pay is?  Another area to explore in my quest to find my next perfect job.  Talk to you next week.

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